The Project contained a series of the workshops sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Government through- SIU. Fredskorpset and NORAD Cultural Support to Zambia.

The Zambia National Visual Arts Council entered into an agreement in 1996 to train artists in various sustainable art skills. This kind of project was dubbed: Art Academy Without Walls (AAWW). The administration has been done by the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway. From the onset Prof. Michael O' Donnell has been very influential in these series of workshops.

The phase one which started in 1996 – 2001 trained 45 Zambian artists who were trained in the following art disciplines
1996 - Assemblage Workshop
1997 - Assemblage Sculpture
1999 - Advanced Sculpture
1999 - Drawing as an independent language
2000 - Photography as a Fine Art Tool
2001 - Colour on surface

it was from this background of achievement that the visual Arts Council and the Royal Norwegian Government thought to continue this programme.

Phase II training programme 2002 – 2006

Zambia national Visual Arts Council planned to continue these trainings through the Cultural Exchange programme involving National Academy of Fine Arts – Oslo. This phase II of programmes was approved by the Royal Norwegian Government and Prof. Michael O’Donnell to be the external administrator.

VAC is pleased through this report that an agreement was reached and signed for in Lusaka. The phase two has began this year to cover again a four year series package of training programme. The training package is made up of four working sessions in Lusaka, each of two weeks. This will consists of series of talks, lectures, group discussions, individual, tutorial and introduction to technical facilities, studio work and an art exhibition at the end. The agreement will also feature the same participants until the end of the four years programmes.

These participants will graduate with a Diploma in Fine Arts. The Diploma will be awarded from the National Academy of Fine Arts – Oslo.

In phase II the following has been put as a curriculum to follow:-
Session 1 - 2002 - Introduction to 20/21 century concepts via sculpture and its fragmenting framework.
Session 2 - 2003 - Drawing Performance
Session 3 - 2004 - Photography
Session 4 - 2005 - Narrative Video and sound

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