The studios were opened on the 1st December 2006 and are very much the focus of phase 3 of the project. This is the phase where the Academy begins to take a concrete form, providing working spaces for eighteen artists, as well as a project/showing space. The building is in close proximity to the VAC centre where the photo darkroom video/sound/photo digital studio and the equipment loan centre are based.

The studios building is 650 m2 and consists of a project space of 112m2.
18 studios of 15-20 m2. The ceiling height varies from 3-5m.
Floors are concrete. Each studio has lighting and electricity.
Studios give clearly defined working areas but are very much open for inter-reaction.

Studio use is rotated every three months. Artists apply in writing.
The intention is to have a broad cross section of occupants, both national and international
The admin. room will have office facilities and reading material.
Toilets, a shower and basic kitchen facilities will be available
The project space will have a regular programme of Friday evening events open to other artists and the public.
The studios are available 24 hours, 7 days per week
The studios are closed from mid July to mid of August