David Chirwa

The first of the of the fellowship programme. David was recruited from the initial seminar/workshop in Lusaka, wherein he showed a natural leadership of the “Rastafarian” group of artists as well as having a broad experience of working internationally in the stone carving workshops cycle.
He ended his fellowship with an exhibition at Gallery 21.25 in Oslo.
The work shown was a large-scale installation dealing with the ideas of homelessness, transition and migration using transport palettes and used clothing. The piece covered the whole floor of the gallery and provided a maze like series of barriers or fences for the viewer to negotiate.
David set up the Rockstone studios in Lusaka where there are 77facilities for working in stone as well as studio facilities for both national and international guests. He currently divides his time working in Zambia and Norway
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Danny Lwando
Danny did his photography fellowship in 2002. His main focus was Camera and the Studio equipment as fine in Art tools . He was attached with Statens Kunstacademy were he learnt the use of different Camera formats, Lenses, Studio Lighting lessons to Printing facilities. He undertook a study visit to the Middlesex University (UK) to extend his knowledge of the Darkroom and Studio lighting lessons.
Back home in Zambia, he has invested in spreading this knowledge to other artists through organizing small workshops and making the system of using the Photography equipment more accessible to artists and the formation of Photography club whose aim is to share the photography skills and promote Photo Exhibitions.
Javan Phiri

Javan underwent a six months fellowship program from 2003 to 2004 at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts. He fused into the school curriculum and signed up for courses relevant to his research and study area which included Video, Digital imaging, Sound and Internet. With the knowledge attained, he is running a series of workshops with Zambian Artists and currently a technical person for the studio with AAWW in Lusaka.

Sylvia Mwando

Sylvia underwent her fellowship from September 2004 to February 2005 at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts. Her main field of study was curatorial practice and exhibition production. She signed up for courses at the Academy that where in line with her area of study and was later attached with institutions such as the Stenersen Museum, UKS Gallery and Riks Utstillingar where she had a hands experience exhibition planing, display, maning, gallery lighting, selection techincs of artworks, and packaging of artworks for touring exhibitons.
With the knowledge attained, Sylvia has producd a number of exhibitions back in Zambia including 5 exhibitions at the Choma Museum. She is currently working with Zambian Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare as a Cultural Affairs Coordinator.