Colour on Surface
Silk- Screen Workshop 2001


The aims of this workshop are to establish a permanent Silk- screen facility at VAC Lusaka and to introduce to a group of 20 participants, the various techniques involved in Silk-Screen on a variety of materials and formats.

Incorporated into this will be a series of lectures discussing approaches to using the medium from a critical / artistic start point – as well as a series of talks by local artists dealing specifically with painterly approaches to working on two-dimension surfaces.


Week 1
Introduction to Basic Principles

Stretching of frames – Laying images on Silk via various stencils from cutting to painted screen filler to emulsion and photo mechanical exposure.

Painting on paper. Materials and other surfaces.


Lecture 1
History of the process as a fine art method since 1932 contextulisation
American Pre – war painting (Hopper)
The rise of capitalism. Mass production, packaging and advertising
The 60’s and Pop Art in the USA

Lecture 2
Gilbert and George
Kruger – Holtzer
The Message
Hamilton – Basquait – Warhol

Lecture 3
Slogans – Texts – Images
Nauman – Wodiczko – Warhol

Lecture 4
International Cavalcade
Screen Prints – Body painting – Performance

Personal Presentations

1. William Miko
2. Jordam Allingam
3. Patrick Mumba

Week 2
Individual Work Development and Criticism

Exhibition at the Henry Tayali Gallery.........


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Workshops (Phaze 2)