Assemblage - Sculpture Workshop and Exhibition
VAC Ndola Zambia September


There were 15 participants and a number of extra participants in the lecture parts.

The aim of the workshop was to present an in depth information and discussion based on 20th century sculpture taking its basis from Pacasso’s work with assemblage in 1910 – 11 and developing this discourse up to the present day using a comprehensive slide and videos as examples.

The group taking part were young artists establishing their career as well as more mature professional artists. The group exuded a high level of learning capcity and one of the main themes that constantly occurred was the role of gender, attitudes to sexuality and role of art against the social backdrop of 1997.

The final show clearly showed an understanding of the workshop intentions in establishing new directions, methods and materials, while at the same time maintaining a distinct cultural characteristic.

There was a fine balance maintained between theory discussion and practical work.

The workshop contains the following main areas;

  1. Equipping of a basic sculpture workshop.
  2. introduction of a contemporary discourse in sculpture via lectures and discussion.
  3. individual tutorials.
  4. practical work and technical instruction.
  5. an exhibition summing up the workshop as a whole

The workshop began with an introduction to the tools supplied to the Ndola centre, safely precautions and general maintenance.

The first week was divided into two parts; The morning consisting of lectures with slides and video around theme of sculpture’s rejuvenation through the techniques of assemblage and its subsequent development to present day discourse.

The first basic course’s slide bank has been augmented with the exhibitions from the last twelve months.

The afternoon session took the form of personal tutorials.

During the second week, the morning session continued as before – but the afternoon session involved group tutorials, wherein lively discussions and criticisms developed and more common understanding of individual’s attitudes and working methods came under the microscope. It was agreed that this cementing process was highly successful with this group and lead to a rapid clearing up of misunderstandings and a sharpening of critical awareness as well as building a platform for future discourse.

On the final day a selection of works were chosen for the opening exhibition of the Ndola Visual Arts Centre Gallery.


Workshops (Phaze 1)
Workshops (Phaze 2)


  1. The two workshops to date have archived two main objectives:
    To established a studio based series of possibilities within the subject area of sculpture i.e. equipping workshops in Lusaka and Ndola, making available photography and slide equipment, drilling, cutting and welding equipment for the use of VAC members at these centres. Thus establishing, parallel to the exhibition and documentation facilities, centres for productions.

  2. Laying down the ground work for future working model with regards to the establishing of an educational structure for younger artists in Zambia. A pragmatic and cost effective “Art Academy”, which is situated to the needs within the Zambian landscapes.