Drawing and performance workshop
November 3rd – 14th 2003
Jaroslaw Koslowski


The workshop dealing with the concept of drawing as an autonomous art language, is part of the second phase of the Art Academy Without Walls programme 2002 – 2006.

Four themes were introduced to the participants in drawing exercises:

1. Sound /dance drawing

a. Direct expression of chosen sound /music/dance by means of drawing
b. Sound/music/dance performance after the drawing

2. Drawing enterpretation of self identity recognized in the process of introspection based on memory and imagination.

3. Drawing articulation of individual altitude referred to different aspects of daily reality:

a. I am for…..
b. I am against ……….
c. I don’t care about ………

4. Drawing transformation of an obvious object void of any peculiar meaning (f.ex. used card-board box) into a meaningful and significant form.

Nineteen young Zambian artists from all over the country attended the workshop. It resulted with tremendous body of substantial – and many cases very good and highly articulated works.

Each topic of the programme was commented and detailed before the realization process and broadly analyzed and discussed after, both in group seminars as well as individual tutorials. I was impressed by the responsible and honest feed back of all these discussions.

Among other spontaneously initiated or provoked speeches and talks, four specially prepared lectures accompanied with slide projections were delivered during workshop:-

a. Drawing and Imagination
b. Art as experience
c. Cultural Identity and Global standards
d. Attitude versus position in contemporary art

At the end of the workshop a selection of works made by the participants was presented in form of public exhibition in the space of VAC and the adjacent building which was used as studio space during the workshop. The exhibition opening speech was delivered by the Zambian Minister Marina Nsingo.


Participating Artists

1. . Ngamanya Banda
2. Nsofwa Bowa
3. Charles Chambata
4. Levy Chinyimba
5. Milumbe Haimbe
6. Trudy Kapapula
7. Emmanuel kapotwe
8. Mazu Kazenene
9. Alumedi Maonde
10. Simon Murkandawire
11. Soames Muyana
12. Savior Mukopa
13. Andrew Mwananshiku
14. Victor Mwakalombe
15. Nezias Nyirenda
16. Wandar Sakala
17. Gordon Shamulenge
18. Gift Siakwasia
19. Patrick Walubita


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