Introduction to 20/21 century concepts via sculpture and its fragmenting framework
November 4th– 15th 2002
Michael O'Donnell


A selection of 20 artitsts participated from countrywide. This group was selected from participants who have a background of drawing, painting and sculpture. 8 participants were initially selected by provincial branches. 12 were selected by the organisations board.

The workshop started on Monday 4th November 2002 – 15th November 2002. every day the session started at 09.00 hours and break off for lunch at 12 00 hours. The afternoon session started at 14.00 – 16 00 hours. The evening lesions commenced at 19 00 – 20 00 hours.

Morning and evening sessions were mostly slide presentations, video and art talks. These were talks aimed at educating the artists in the development of contemporary art. It was so interesting to view slides of contemporary sculpture installation, which really brought participants to the concepts. Artists were given an opportunity to express their feelings on the works of their own to prove the concepts being imparted.

Exhibition on the 16th of November 2002 the Visual Arts Council organized an art exhibition. The exhibition was so interesting since it had artworks of unique concepts.

The Fist Secretary to the Royal Norwegian Embassy – Lusaka Marit Karlsen attended the show. A lot of Lusaka art lovers visited this unique exhibition of concepts. The sculpture installation ranged from video performance, live performance and view artworks of assemblage.


Participating Artists

1. Ngamanya Banda
2. Nsofwa Bowa
3. Charles Chambata
4. Levy Chinyimba
5. Milumbe Haimbe
6. Trudy Kapapula
7. Emmanuel kapotwe
8. Mazu Kazenene
9. Alumedi Maonde
10. Simon Murkandawire
11. Soames Muyana
12. Savior Mukopa
13. Andrew Mwananshiku
14. Victor Mwakalombe
15. Nezias Nyirenda
16. Adrian Ngoma
17. Gordon Shamulenge
18. Gift Siakwasia
19. Patrick Walubita
20. Kasonde Changufu


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